Richard Carbal, the man who portrays Arturo







Likely dead

Last Seen

June, 2012


Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones


Oscar (Adopted Brother)

Portrayed By

Richard Carbal


Arturo was affiliated with a gang in Oaxnard, California. He was close to his younger brother Oscar, and he seemed to be very upset when he went missing and eventually commited suicide in June, 2012. When Hector and Marisol came looking for information about the Oscar's suicide and their friend Jesse's odd behavior, Arturo showed them the closest in Oscar's room, where there were various news articles about boys who had gone missing, all from different parts of the world.

He is not seen again until Hector and Marisol return to his house seeking his help after Jesse has been abducted. Upon hearing the story and assumedly being told that he could get revenge for his younger brother Oscar, he and his friend Santo drove with the two teens to Lois's old house, where Jesse had been taken. He and Santo retrieve a shotgun and a submachine gun, respectively, from the trunk of his car then sneak onto the property. They find that both the front and back doors are locked, but Pablo says he can unlock it. While Santo begins unlocking the door, Arturo, Hector and Marisol explore the house.

They come across a horse pen and look inside, finding what appears to be the remains of some food. They check a few more of the pens, discussing what's going on when suddenly a blonde woman throws herself against the bars. She begs them for help, but a witch armed with a knife comes running at them from behind. Arturo quickly spins around and shoots her down, but a second witch comes running out as well. Arturo shoots this witch as well and tells Hector and Marisol to run away. Hector keeps the camera on Arturo long enough to see a third witch running at him and when Hector turns around, a third shot is fired, indicating Arturo shot down this third witch.

Hector and Marisol flee into Lois house, leaving him behind to fight off the members of the Coven.

Arturo's was presumably killed but the circumstances are uncertain. It is possible that he was overpowered by the witches, or the demon-possessed Jesse also had a hand. Immediately after Hector discovers that Marisol had vanished, he hears a tapping at the window of the dining room from outside. Hector then hears what appears to be Arturo's voice, calling out to him in a whisper. Whether this was actually Arturo or a trick, is unknown. When Hector got close to the window, Arturo is glimpsed being slammed against the glass with enough force to crack it.