Portrayed by

Matt Shively

Year of Birth


Current Age



Paranormal Activity 4



Killed by possessed Katie.

Last Seen

November 17, 2011

Family & Friends

Alex Nelson (Girlfriend) (Deceased) Killed by possessed Katie.

Ben is Alex Nelson's close friend, and wannabe boyfriend in Paranormal Activity 4. When the hauntings begin to start and Robbie begins acting strange, Ben helps out by setting up computers to record the house.


We meet Ben when Alex is going to throw a little party at her house while her parents are out. After the party he stays to clean up, on account of him being her 'boyfriend'. After they're done cleaning up Ben requests to go with Alex outside into her backyard.

Alex and him go outside and she shows him the playhouse. Ben is the first in and he is startled when he sees Robbie standing in a corner. Alex, unfazed, brings him back home.

Later that night, Ben is trying to get Alex to flash him, but is unsuccessful. It is then that Alex hears and sees cop cars at the house across the street, and then Robbie moves in with the Nelsons.

On November 17, 2011, Ben arrives at Alex's house to find no one home he heads to Alex's room and goes onto her computer, logging onto Skype, unbeknownst to him, a possessed Katie appears behind him. Just as Ben acknowledges that someone's behind him, Katie snaps his neck, killing him.

She then placed his body into Alex's closet. Alex later arrived home and rings Ben, she then hears his phone ringing. She walks slowly to her closet assuming Ben's playing a trick. She sees his corpse and is dragged out of her room by an unknown force.

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