Doug Nelson is the father of Alex Nelson & Wyatt Nelson and the husband of Holly Nelson.

Doug Nelson


Doug Nelson



Portrayed By

Stephen Dunham


Paranormal Activity 4


Unknown but likely deceased. Killed by entity.

Last Seen

November 17, 2011

Family & Friends

Holly Nelson(Wife)(Deceased)

Alex Nelson(daughter)


Towards the end of the movie as he and Alex are just arriving home, they identify Katie taking Wyatt across the street to her house. Doug quickly gets out of the car and goes after Katie to see what was going on, while Alex goes inside to her own house. She is briefly attacked by the entity when she discovers Ben's body in her closet. Alex then runs across the street to the find her father. Doug is last seen inside the house being assaulted by the invisible entity before being dragged away. It's not known what happened inside the house after Doug went over to confront Katie(whether or not Katie was under possession at the time is unclear). It is also unknown if Doug encountered the army of witches out in the backyard. Doug disappears after being dragged away through the house by the entity. Although it is not shown, he is presumably killed.