Katie Featherston





Sept. 3rd, 1980




Unknown (Original Timeline)
Deceased (Tokyo Timeline)

Last Seen

November 17th, 2011


Paranormal Activity
Paranormal Activity 2
Paranormal Activity 3
Paranormal Activity 4
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension


Julie (mother; deceased)
Unnamed father (deceased)
Kristi (sister; deceased)
Daniel (brother-in-law; deceased)
Ali (step-niece)
Hunter (nephew)
Lois (grandmother; deceased)


Micah Sloat (boyfriend; deceased)

Portrayed by

Katie Featherston (Adult Katie)
Chloe Csengery (Young Katie)

Katie Featherston is one of the main protagonists of the Paranormal Activity series along with her younger sister, Kristi. She starred in the first film Paranormal Activity as she and her boyfriend, Micah, are haunted by a demon named Toby after passing the company on them.


Paranormal Activity

Principal Article: Paranormal Activity

At home, Katie and Micah begin to feel the presence of the demon with them. Katie tells Micah about the presence of "evil" that has followed her since childhood. So Micah mounts a camera on a tripod in their bedroom to try to catch any paranormal activity that occurs while they sleep.

September 18, 2006, Katie confides with Kristi about the strange things happening at home, but Kristi tells her not to talk about it, like Katie told her before.

September 20, Katie hires a psychic, Dr. Fredrichs, who tells them that they are being chased not by a ghost, but by a demon who feeds on negative energy and intends to pursue and torment Katie wherever she goes. He refers them to a demonologist that tells them not to tease or communicate with the demon. Micah, however, makes fun of the demon, and the paranormal activity worsens in response, as Katie has nightmares, things move on their own, and Katie does things at night that she does not remember in the morning.

October 1, 2006, Micah tries to make contact with the demon by performing an EVP or "Electronic Voice Phenomenon" session.

October 2, 2006, Katie is possessed and made to stand in place for a prolonged time before going out to sit on the patio swing. When Micah wakes up shortly after and finds her there, she says she wants to stay there. While he's getting her a blanket because it's cold out, the TV in their room turns on to static, and then she's standing behind him in the bedroom doorway with no memory of what happened.

October 3, 2006, the Ouija Board moves on its own while Micah and Katie are away, spelling out the name "Diane".

October 4, 2006, Micah and Katie are tormented. The demon left the light on in the upstairs closet leading to the attic. Micah searches and finds an old photo of Katie in 1988 that she is unnerved to see again, having thought it was destroyed in the fire.

October 5, 2006, things are getting worse for Katie and Micah at home, to the point that even Dr. Fredrichs is not comfortable enough to help.

October 7, 2006, Micah is doing more research on the message that was written on the Ouija board. They find Diane Mercer was pursued by a demon beginning in June 1966, which ended in her death after several failed exorcisms.

October 8, 2006, Katie is attacked, dragged from the room, and bitten in the early hours of the morning. Throughout the day, the demon fully terrorizes the couple. Although Katie and Micah undertake to leave the house and go to a hotel, Katie suddenly thinks that it would be good to stay where they are, implying that the demon is now strong enough to possess.

On October 9, 2006, Katie wakes up in the middle of the night and once again stands and stares at Micah while he sleeps for more than two hours. She walks down the hall and out of sight before frantically screaming for him. Micah wakes up and runs to her. They can both be heard reacting to something unseen until there's a cry of pain and Katie stops screaming. Micah's apparently dead body flies at the camera and knocks it over. Katie goes over and sniffs his body before smiling for the camera. Then she launches at the camera, her face taking on a demonic appearance before the camera fades to black.

Paranormal Activity 2

Principal Article: Paranormal Activity 2

In 2005, Katie goes to visit Kristi, who is now married to Daniel Rey and pregnant, to leave a box of old video tapes from her childhood. (The tapes were recorded by Dennis for paranormal activity occurring in their childhood)

A year later, Kristi and Daniel's house is apparently looted and the tapes are missing. When the demon begins to haunt Kristi's house in an attempt to reach Hunter, the youngest son of Kristi, Kristi talks to Katie about the demon that terrorized them in its infancy, but terrified Katie tells her not to talk about it. When Kristi is possessed by the demon, Dan and Martine burn a photo to exorcise the demon in an attempt to save his wife and son. This is the photo that Katie and Micah find later in their attic.

On October 9, 2006, later that night, Katie appears in Dan and Kristi house in their living room, where she breaks Dan's neck. She then climbs the stairs to Hunter's room, where she violently kills Kristi by her hurling into the camera. Then, with Hunter cradled in her arms, she leaves the room with him, disappearing.

Paranormal Activity 3

Principal Article: Paranormal Activity 3

In 1988, Katie is eight years of age. During the events of Paranormal Activity 3, she lives with her mother, Julie and her mother's boyfriend before the apparitions began. Initially, only Kristi interacted with the invisible entity known as Toby.

September 3, 1988, Katie's parents are celebrating her eighth birthday.

September 5, 1988 is picture day. This is where the picture of Katie is referenced for the first time.

September 20, 1988, Katie and Kristi get looked after while Julie and Dennis go out.

September 23, 1988, Kristi suddenly falls ill and Julie and Dennis take her to the hospital. Katie, who stays at home with friend Dennis and Randy, decides she wants to play. That afternoon, when Julie and Dennis return, Randy leaves in a hurry and from this point on Toby begins to terrorize girls, especially Katie, and you feel you are communicating with Kristi. This is shown when Katie and Kristi are playing together and a force Katie blocks entering the bathroom after Kristi and Katie, then lifts her hair.

That night, Toby, Katie force pulls the bed and in the closet until Kristi is committed to doing what is asked, leaving Katie and pleading traumatized by his mother. The demon eliminates the distraction used to block any activity heard by their mother Julie (Loud static TV) and Dennis (dysfunction of the camera).

September 24, 1988, in the will of Toby, Katie and Kristi try to convince her mother to go to their grandmother Lois's house. Their mother initially refuses, but after seeing the terrifying Toby activity for herself, she calls for Dennis and the girls and they head to Lois's house.

On September 25, the first night with Lois, at 1 am, Dennis and Julie wake to the sound of a car outside. Julie disappears while investigating and while Dennis is going to get his camera he sees that both Katie and Kristi are gone as well.

After Dennis discovers Lois and several other old women dressed in black in the garage, he finds Kristi and Katie later found the stairs crying over the body of their mother. Dennis, who wanted to take the girls and leave the house, tries talking to Katie, but when he touches her shoulder, Katie let out a cry that sends Dennis flying through the living room, wounding him. Katie then runs to the other room.

Katie's grandmother, Lois, appears and Dennis begs her to help. But the demon kills Dennis by breaking his back. Katie, now calm, returns and joins her grandmother. Lois takes Katie and Kristi, followed by Toby, up the stairs to carry out some sort of ceremony.

It is not known what the ceremony was, but it is implied that Lois had memories of the girls erased. The symbol at the home of Lois and Katie and Kristi's closet is the symbol for a witch coven of girls of childbearing age who have children in the brain and then washed forcing them to forget their memories of her. Later the girls also seem to have no memory of Dennis or their mother or their grandmother's coven of witches, although they still remember Toby's disturbances.

Katie later said she was still haunted and terrified by Toby for the rest of her childhood and adolescence. Despite this, as an adult Katie seems to be a normal and happy young woman living with her boyfriend, Micah, in San Diego, California and studying to be a teacher.

Paranormal Activity 4

Paranormal Activity 4

Among the events of abduction of Hunter and the beginning of Paranormal Activity 4, it can be assumed that Katie put Hunter up for adoption in another state so Hunter can have a real life with a new family so far and is re-named Wyatt Nelson and lives with a new family. Katie finally adopts a boy named Robbie and move into a house next to the Nelson's house. Katie then presumably fakes her health in order to get Robbie to move into the house and communicate with Wyatt and become friends with him. When Robbie and Wyatt go to the home next door with Wyatt's older sister Alex, they encounter Katie before Alex leaves with Wyatt. Katie communicates with Hunter until he is "ready", which means they are now part of a master plan for Toby.

Near the end of the film, Alex's mother is thrown against the wall violently, Katie snaps Ben's neck and hides him in Alex's closet, and Toby also kills the father of Alex. Katie, Hunter, and presumably Toby (the Master Demon) retire to his new home. Alex is seen being chased by Katie and then escapes out of the house, only to find Wyatt in the garden, outside. Alex tries to get Wyatt to go with her, but he stays in his place and stares blankly at her. She then turns around and sees a group of possessed looking females. These people could be a group of possessed witches. Alex then turns around to see Katie launching towards her in her demonic state. Alex's screams can be heard before the camera cuts black. It was confirmed in The Ghost Dimension that Katie did indeed kill her.

In the end credits, it repeats that the whereabouts of Katie and Hunter are unknown.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Katie and Kristi are referenced in the film when Jesse and Hector delve into Ana (a witch who was killed early in the film) apartment and find a closet with a cache of home movies and one of them was titled "Katie and Kristi 1988" . When Jesse goes alone in an empty apartment and hidden sanctuary he hears the cries oh help, under the apartment floor, from his dog, Chavo. He, then, walks through some plastic sheeting and encounters ghostly figures of children Katie and Kristi as to attract Jesse into a trap.

While Hector is in the house of Lois trying to escape the possessed Jesse, which passes through a wooden door with symbols carved on it (used to travel back in time when it was revealed that witches can use black magic travel time to profane places) and is in the house of Katie and Micah, unaware that he has just traveled back in time to 2006, when the first film took place at night Katie Micah killed and disappeared. Hector sees Katie, unaware that she is possessed by a demon, asks for help, but she starts to scream for Micah. Micah runs down the stairs and assumes Hector is an intruder and attacks him, but Katie starts to stab Micah to death, while Hector escapes, only to be killed by a possessed Jesse.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Katie and Kristi both appear in the movie as children through a series of tapes set in 1992, where the two are shown practicing supernatural abilities with a mysterious man. While watching one of the tapes, two of the film's protagonists, Ryan and Mike, notice that the girls are able to see into the future, as she and Kristi become seemingly aware of the two's presence; it is shown in one scene, where as the two men are watching the tapes, Ryan's daughter Leila sneezes, to which Kristi replies to her: "Bless you." It is also soon implied that it was the adult Katie who sold her former home to the main characters. Later on in the film, another one of the main characters, Leila's mother Emily, travels through a portal which sends her back in time, similar to the ending of the previous film, to the same house in 1992. While looking for her daughter in the dark house, Emily encounters a young possessed Katie alongside other seemingly possessed children.

Victims Killed

Other Possible Endings

  • In an alternative end of the first film, Katie is killed contrary to her unknown fate in the original ending: On night 21, Katie wakes, walks again and looks at Micah while he is sleeping. She leaves the darkness, holding a large kitchen knife with his blood on her shirt. She then sits beside the bed, holding the knife and rocking, until 14:00 the next day, when her friend Amber calls and leaves a message expressing concern. At about 21:20 pm, Katie is still sitting and rocking beside the bed, and Amber can be heard entering the house. During this short period, Katie stops rocking and then Amber sees Micah's body, she runs out of the house and Katie resumes rocking. Half an hour later, just after 21:50, the police entered the house and discovered the body of Micah also. As they are looking Micah over checking vital signs, a light goes on in the bedroom down the hall, but before the police see it, the light goes out again. Katie is discovered, still sitting next to the bed with the knife. As they call her, she awakens from her catatonic state and seems confused by their commands to drop the weapon. Suddenly, the room door behind the police officers slams shut, surprising them and making them shoot Katie, who collapses on the floor, dead. The police search the room, but find nothing other than the video camera, still running. Next, a dedication and a photo of Katie and Micah is shown.
  • In the other end, Katie gets up from the bed and finds staring at Micah, as she did at the end of theater, except that it does not move Micah beside the bed. About three hours pass, then she finally goes down. She lets out a blood curdling scream, raising Micah and runs downstairs. The shouting continued, and the sounds of a struggle was heard before the noise stopped abruptly. There is silence for a short time before heard heavy footsteps on the stairs. Katie and then enters the bedroom, Micah's blood covering her shirt, with a knife in her hand. She closes and locks the door of the room, before walking to the camera, standing idle briefly. Then raise the knife and cuts her own throat, and then falls to the ground, dead.


  • Katie is the only character to appear in almost every movie, except for the last movie, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.
  • Katie shares the same name as the actress who plays her, Katie Featherston.
  • Katie says that most of her life, she was followed by the demon and was tormented wherever she went. However, when born Hunter / Wyatt, the demon was chasing her sister, Kristi, and try to get her son. But Dan, Kristi's husband, the demon transferred back to Katie
  • Although Katie mentioned about the house fire that never happens in the third film. But in the trailers, showing short clips of house fire. Also in the final version of the film, a box bed shown in flames' Katie parents at the end of the film during static.
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