Last Seen

September 1988


Paranormal Activity 3


Julie (employer, deceased)
Dennis (employer, deceased)
Katie (friend, charge)
Kristi (friend, charge)

Portrayed by

Johanna Braddy

Lisa is a minor character who only appears in Paranormal Activity 3. She is a frequently hired babysitter for Katie and Kristi.


One night in September of 1988, Lisa is hired by Julie and Dennis to babysit Katie and Kristi while the couple go out to a party for the night.

Neither of the girls could sleep, Katie asks Lisa to tell them a scary ghost story, which she does after using a bed sheet from Toby's crawlspace to cover herself. After saying goodnight, she turns the staircase lights off and heads downstairs.

Lisa surprises the rotating camera in the kitchen with a quick scare, cheekily pranking Dennis. While doing her homework on the kitchen table Lisa begins to hear several thumping noises, the bed sheet used for her story also slowly appears behind her before it collapses onto the floor, surprising her as no one was inside it. Lisa then wraps the sheet up and heads upstairs to check on the girls. After hearing a beast-like breathing sound coming from the crawlspace, she slowly approaches the left side of camera, at which point a large gust of air hits her in the face, terrifying her, she quickly retreats downstairs.

Lisa is shown waiting by the lounge when Julie and Dennis come home, after saying that everything was okay, Dennis pays her, Lisa says a quick thank you before she walks out of the house in a worried hurry, Dennis and Julie both find her behavior odd.

The next day, Dennis and Randy are reviewing the footage of Lisa's night with the girls. Randy expresses an interest in her, they also become shocked and amazed at the footage of the ghost sheet and the wind hitting Lisa's face.